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Longbow - Archery 3D v1.2 Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Longbow simulates all aspects of archery. Hitting distant targets requires you to subtly adjust your aim and accurately judge the wind. Trees swaying in the breeze can give you a clue how strong the wind is.

 Each game is four rounds and one bonus round (try not to kill anyone!) Can you top the leader board?
 - Use your fingers to aim and draw your bow.
 - Three difficulty levels.
 - Try "Robin Hood" mode for an extra challenge!
 - Detailed 3D graphics and sound!
 - Looks great on phones and tablets!
 Slide one finger across the screen (thumb in the corner of the screen is usually best) to aim. While that finger is down, use another finger to draw the arrow back in the bow.
 Release either finger to fire!
 Check the wind speed and direction in the top right corner of the screen. At the highest difficulty level, the swaying trees, sound of the wind, and dust kicked up by gusts will be your only clues.
 Difficult mode adds more challenging shots from different angles.
 Robin Hood mode removes the bow crosshairs and wind speed from the screen. You'll need to use experience and intuition to score big!
 - When you draw an arrow, the aiming sensitivity goes down to allow finer control.
 - You can cancel a shot by moving the finger you use to the draw the bow back up.
 - Wait a moment for the dust to settle after starting a new round. It takes a second for the dust to react to the new wind speed. This will help you in the higher difficulty levels.
 - The wind speed changes at the start of a new round. Higher difficulty levels have higher maximum wind speeds.
 - You can score a maximum of 130 points in game.
 - You can earn an extra 10 points if you manage to strike the apple (...not the Adam's apple) in the bonus round.
 Thank you playing! Please send any suggestions on how I can improve Longbow.
 Good luck, archer!

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